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 Inlaid rosewood aneroid barometer, porcelain dial and box thermometer.

      Circa 1900   £695

Small mercury 7” dial wheel barometer, rosewood case, long boxed mercury thermometer, silvered dial signed W. Frankham London 

        Circa 1840 £975

Scientific Fortin stick barometer, contained in a Gothic oak case, Cistern signed W.SUCO no 403
    Circa 1840 £1.400

Light oak barograph, eight bellows, bevelled glass to the case. Made by & Sons 313 High Street Holborn. 

              Circa 1880  £675

Mercury 8" wheel barometer with satinwood inlay to the edge, swan pediment with finial, hydrometer, thermometer, butlers mirror, silvered engraved dial, level signed J Cetta London. 

              Circa 1840   £950

Mahogany barograph with a chart draw, bevelled glass to the case, ten bellows. Made by Negretti & Zambra London. 

              Circa 1940   £850


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