Very fine and interesting Dutch stick mercury barometer. Mahogany case with inlay to the pediment, door and base. Silvered engraved scales, in English inches and Rijnlandse inches. The centre tube has a box cistern, the outside tubes are one continuance tube, containing mercury and spirit. The thermometer has two scales Fahrenheit and Reaumur. Made by Antonio Maria Carlo Abondio Peia

     Circa 1820    £2.100


Small mercury 7” dial wheel barometer, rosewood case, long boxed mercury thermometer, silvered dial signed W. Frankham London 

        Circa 1840 £975

 Inlaid rosewood aneroid barometer, porcelain dial and box thermometer.

      Circa 1900   £695

Oak stick barometer, cistern mercury tube, ivory register plates, box thermometer with ivory scale. Signed Castella London.

       Circa 1860   £1,700

Weather station in a walnut case. Clock with an 8" engraved silvered dial, fusee movement. Thermometer engraved silvered dial with three readings. Chart marked by a lead dot every hour. Large aneroid movement is given a tap 3 times in an hour, 8" silvered engraved dial. Both dials signed by the maker John Davis, Derby

                       Circa 187     £4,800 

Scientific Fortin stick barometer, contained in a Gothic oak case, Cistern signed W.SUCO no 403
    Circa 1840 £1.400

Regency 8" mercury wheel barometer, inlaid mahogany case, box thermometer, silvered dial engraved horizontally, concave bezel. Dial signed N. Sara Fecit. 

   Circa 1800     £1,200

Light oak barograph, eight bellows, bevelled glass to the case. Made by & Sons 313 High Street Holborn. 

              Circa 1880  £675

Mercury 8" wheel barometer with satinwood inlay to the edge, swan pediment with finial, hydrometer, thermometer, butlers mirror, silvered engraved dial, level signed J Cetta London. 

                    Circa 1840   £950

Mahogany barograph with a chart draw, bevelled glass to the case, ten bellows. Made by Negretti & Zambra London. 

       Circa 1940   £850