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Wall Clocks

Large mahogany carved gallery wall clock, fusee timepiece movement, 12” dial signed C. Gordon Bromley, cast bezel. 

         Circa 1870    £850

10" square brass dial, single hand, date aperture, 30hr birdcage movement. Dial signed by a Kent maker R Cutbush Maidstone. Sitting on a pine bracket

            Circa 1710.    £ 1.700

Octagonal 12" fusee double faces dial clock, mahogany case, dial signed G.P.O.

          Circa 1940    £1.800

Norwich wall clock, 8 day two weight driven movement striking on a bell, mahogany case with mahogany banding, 10" painted dial, signed John Howlett Cheltenham. 

         Circa 1840   £2.850

8" fusee gallery drop dial, oak case, dial signed Rogers Guernsey. 

  Circa 1900  £1.600

Flamed mahogany 12" dial clock, octagonal case with brass inlay, fusee movement with shaped shoulders, cast bezel, convex dial and glass, signed Geo, Stacey Worksop. 

       Circa 1830  £1.700

Miniature Austrian single weight timepiece vienna regulator, rosewood case. 

Circa 1850   £1.900

Black lacquered wall clock, large fusee movement, 11"engraved silvered dial . Made by Trimnell 7 Parade Canterbury 

        Circa 1855   £2.100

12”English sprung wall clock, light mahogany case.


            Circa 1900       £495


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