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Bracket Clocks


Fine London 8 day English triple fusee bracket clock chiming on 8 bells, striking the hours on a bell. Arched brass dial with phases of the moon in the arch. Engraved back plate, originally a verge now converted to anchor.

Walnut case with gilt brass mounts, inverted bell shaped pediment with final and 2 brass frets.

 Signed in the arch James Smith London. Height 24”

     Circa 1780  £5.500  Trade

Fine small fusee timepiece bracket clock in ebony wood with a chamfer top case, arched silvered engraved dial signed Vale London. 23 cm high.

             Circa 1820    £1.900


Very fine small French gilt brass and white marble four glass mantel clock, count wheel strike on a bell, rear wind.
Signed by a noted maker Robin Paris.
        Circa 1840   £3.200

French miniature Grandfather clock, small French timepiece lever platform movement, porcelain dial, mahogany case. 39 cm high to top of final. 


                 Circa 1880    £625

Double fusee bracket clock striking on a bell, mahogany inlaid arched top case with brass frets, ball feet, mounted with a handle. 7” painted dial  signed Charles Taylor London. 36 cm high


           Circa 1850      £2.100


French gilt brass mantel clock with blue porcelain panels, striking on a bell, made by Vincenti Paris. 

     Circa 1870     £1.700

Fusee timepiece bracket clock with alarm, flamed mahogany case, porcelain dial with centre alarm disc. 29cm high

           Circa 1850      £1.700 

French gilt brass carriage / desk clock, striking on a gong, platform visible escapement, thermometer and compass on top of clock. Made by Marti Paris. 

22cm high 

            Circa 1900    £ 1.400

Oak gothic bracket clock, three train fusee movement striking the quarters on 8 bells and the hours on a gong. Silvered engraved arched dial with regulation, strike/silent and chiming dials in the arch. Signed Wales & Mc Cullock 22.20 Ludgate Hill London. 

        Circa 1870   £2.800

A small very fine Regency single fusee timepiece bracket clock, original gilt brass case, engine turned dial, mounted on a black marble base. 

     Circa 1820    £2.600

French Empire clock, bronze and brass case with original gilding, silk suspension, count wheel strike on a bell, porcelain dial signed Vidal a Cahors.
    Circa 1860    £3.800 

A fine gilt brass and white marble mantel clock, pin wheel escapement, silk suspension, count wheel strike on a bell, silvered dial, movement stamped Pons and Gasche Paris. 

        Circa 1840      £1.500 

French red boulle mantel clock with gilt brass mounts, striking on a bell. 46 cm high. 

        Circa 1860      £2.400

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