Bracket Clocks


Fine London 8 day English triple fusee bracket clock chiming on 8 bells, striking the hours on a bell. Arched brass dial with phases of the moon in the arch. Engraved back plate, originally a verge now converted to anchor.

Walnut case with gilt brass mounts, inverted bell shaped pediment with final and 2 brass frets.

 Signed in the arch James Smith London. Height 24”

     Circa 1780  £5.500  Trade

Fine small fusee timepiece bracket clock in ebony wood with a chamfer top case, arched silvered engraved dial signed Vale London. 23 cm high.

             Circa 1820    £1.900


Very fine small French gilt brass and white marble four glass mantel clock, count wheel strike on a bell, rear wind.
Signed by a noted maker Robin Paris.
        Circa 1840   £3.200

French miniature Grandfather clock, small French timepiece lever platform movement, porcelain dial, mahogany case. 39 cm high to top of final. 


                 Circa 1880    £625

Double fusee bracket clock striking on a bell, mahogany inlaid arched top case with brass frets, ball feet, mounted with a handle. 7” painted dial  signed Charles Taylor London. 36 cm high


           Circa 1850      £2.100


French gilt brass mantel clock with blue porcelain panels, striking on a bell, made by Vincenti Paris. 

     Circa 1870     £1.700

Fusee timepiece bracket clock with alarm, flamed mahogany case, porcelain dial with centre alarm disc. 29cm high

           Circa 1850      £1.700 

French gilt brass carriage / desk clock, striking on a gong, platform visible escapement, thermometer and compass on top of clock. Made by Marti Paris. 

22cm high 

            Circa 1900    £ 1.400

Quality small Regency  timepiece fusee bracket clock, 8 day movement with shaped shoulders, mahogany case inlaid with brass, brass ball feet, handle and finial. 6” painted dial signed by the maker S. Abrahams Croydon. Height 33cm

          Circa 1820       £1.500


English three train brass inlaid mahogany bracket clock, chiming on 8 bells, striking on a gong, brass fret work to dial, engraved in the arch T J Haux Shipley Villas South Norwood. 46 cm high.

        Circa 1880      £4.600

Quality French mantel clock striking on a bell, mahogany case inlaid with ebony and brass, brass frets and ball feet. Silvered dial signed by the retailer Howard & James London, movement stamped Vincenti Paris.   

 38 cm high

          Circa 1860     £725 

Very pretty slim mantel clock, French timepiece lever platform movement, inlaid satinwood case on four brass bracket clock, porcelain dial. 25 cm high. 


             Circa 1860  £675

Small brass four glass mantel clock with cloisonné banding to the case, dial and mercury pendulum, striking on a gong. Made by Japy Freres Paris 23cm high

        Circa 1880  £2.200

Oak gothic bracket clock, three train fusee movement striking the quarters on 8 bells and the hours on a gong. Silvered engraved arched dial with regulation, strike/silent and chiming dials in the arch. Signed Wales & Mc Cullock 22.20 Ludgate Hill London. 

        Circa 1870   £2.800

Small fusee timepiece skeleton clock, inverted Y frame, five spoke wheels, mounted by a cupola. Under a glass dome on a mahogany base 

       Circa 1830  £1.200 

Very fine satin wood lancet bracket clock with ebony line inlay, brass side frets and ball feet. Double fusee movement striking hours and half hours, engraving round back plate, signed James Duncan Chancery Lane London, five inch painted dial signed James Duncan London. 30 cm high   


       Circa 1790    £3.900

A small very fine Regency single fusee timepiece bracket clock, original gilt brass case, engine turned dial, mounted on a black marble base. 

     Circa 1820    £2.600

French rosewood mantel clock inlaid with mother of pearl, silver engine turned dial, silk suspension striking on a bell, movement stamped Henry Marc Paris. 

         Circa 1860     £995

Very fine small four glass timepiece fusee bracket clock, light mahogany case, silvered engraved dial, bevelled glass to top and sides, signed on the dial and back-plate Cousens & Whiteside 20 Davis Street Berkley Square. 27 cm high 

     Circa 1845     £3.200 

French Empire clock, bronze and brass case with original gilding, silk suspension, count wheel strike on a bell, porcelain dial signed Vidal a Cahors.
    Circa 1860    £3.800 

A fine gilt brass and white marble mantel clock, pin wheel escapement, silk suspension, count wheel strike on a bell, silvered dial, movement stamped Pons and Gasche Paris. 

        Circa 1840      £1.500 

French red boulle mantel clock with gilt brass mounts, striking on a bell. 46 cm high. 

        Circa 1860      £2.400

English double fusee bracket clock, striking on a gong, mahogany case with an inlay of a butterfly, silvered engraved dial signed by the retailer Mappin & Webb London

32cm high 

             Circa 1890   £2.500